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Emergency AC Services

Emergency Air Conditioning Repair
In Charlotte, NC.

If you know anything about Charlotte, NC, and its weather, you understand how important an air conditioner is to comfort level. Our heat isn’t dry like in western states. We have high humidity in the warmer months, so high that even temperatures in the eighties can be unbearable. Even warm days can be unbearable if your air conditioner suddenly breaks down. Not to worry! One call to Travis Crawford Heating Cooling & Plumbing and your air conditioner troubles are over.

Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

Sooner or later, all cooling systems will require maintenance, particularly if they are major heating and cooling brands that provide warranties. And because cooling systems run in the background, you may not even need emergency AC repair until it’s too late. If you need same-day air conditioning system repair services, this checklist could save you a house call and your wallet.

Contact our teams in Charlotte at any time for AC repair services!

Avoid Emergency Cooling Repair

The best defense against AC emergencies is scheduled maintenance services. Regular HVAC maintenance helps you avoid that dreaded call to an emergency AC company should it stop working.

Why does an air conditioner suddenly stop working? Does it still blow air that’s not very cold? If you answered yes and had to turn your thermostat down, you likely need AC repair. Don’t put it off or risk a bigger repair bill later.

There are many reasons that only emergency AC technicians should conduct maintenance. The most important reason is major brands like Trane and Lennox require special training. These brands put billions of dollars into making their HVAC systems adhere to government-mandated efficiency standards. The last thing they want is an amateur working on their systems. Keep in mind that modern HVAC systems can last fifteen years or longer. But only if AC technicians follow their special instructions.

Tips To Prevent AC Failure

You can avoid needing emergency AC repair by getting to know your cooling system. Follow these tips for reducing the risk of AC failure.

  1. Regularly check and replace your filters if needed. Our AC technicians will check them if you need emergency AC services. Heat pumps move air throughout your house. However, heat pumps and other components must work harder to move air through dirty filters.
  2. Check your thermostat. Your AC needs a properly functioning thermostat to know what temperature you want. Modern thermostats have digital components and may be connected to the internet through a phone app.
  3. Get to know what your AC system sounds like when running efficiently. One of the primary functions of an AC is to provide people with the right temperature and humidity level for their comfort. Air conditioners usually run without us thinking about it until it’s too late. If you know what your AC should sound like, you’ll know when it doesn’t sound right. Don’t ignore the strange sounds. Call Travis Crawford for emergency air conditioning repair.

In addition to paying close attention to your AC system, you should perform regular maintenance. Better yet, join the Travis Crawford Club and enjoy worry-free AC operation.

We don’t mind coming your way, even if it’s out in the country. We provide emergency AC repair services to the Charlotte metro area & surrounding areas, including the following cities:

  • Concord
  • Gastonia
  • Rock Hill
  • Huntersville
  • Fort Mills

If you don’t see your city above, don’t sweat it. We won’t let you go through AC emergencies without support from our emergency AC contractors. We have same-day service during business hours and emergency services hours.

Same-Day AC Repair Services

When your AC stops working, you don’t want to sit around and wait for an opening next week. At Travis Crawford, we provide same-day service, so your AC won’t stay down long. We will make sure to get your system back up and running in no time.

Your emergency cooling repair should be as inexpensive as possible. This is the Travis Crawford promise: 24/7 AC repair with 100 % transparency. Remember, you can help your AC work better with preventative maintenance. Checking your AC twice a year helps you spot small problems so they can be fixed early and avoid costly repairs.