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Emergency Heater Services

Emergency Heater Repair
In Charlotte, NC.

When you need emergency heater services in Charlotte, NC, you need them fast. We may be below the Mason and Dixon line, but come fall, the weather turns chilly, and the winters can be brutal. When temperatures hover around the freezing mark for weeks on end, a properly working heating system becomes more than a convenience. It directly impacts your health and well-being.

At Travis Crawford Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we understand the important role that quality heating services play in your quality of life. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to being the very best emergency heater repair company in Charlotte, Rock Hill, Gastonia, and the surrounding areas.

We know that bad things never happen at good times, so we stand ready 24/7 to help you with any heating emergency that you might have. Whether you have a heat pump, furnace, ductless split units, or any other type of heating system, we have the knowledge and skills to make sure you are feeling warm and cozy in the shortest amount of time possible.

When To Call For Emergency Heating System Repair

Many people hesitate to call an emergency heater company because they feel their problem isn’t severe enough to warrant an emergency call, or they want to avoid paying after-hours rates. While we are happy to schedule an appointment to repair your heating system whenever it is convenient for you, there are times when waiting is not the smartest move.

Signs you need to call a Charlotte emergency heating technician might include:

  • You have a gas-fired system and smell a rotten egg odor
  • The temperature is supposed to drop below freezing
  • Your heat isn’t reacting to the thermostat
  • You smell hot metal or rubber odors
  • Your heating system has suddenly failed and has stopped working.

All of the above instances are signs that should not be ignored. They all can present very real dangers to your property.

Risks Involved In Waiting to Call for Emergency Heat Repairs

Being uncomfortable is never an enjoyable experience. However, there are instances where needing an extra sweater could be the least of your worries. If your heating unit has developed a fuel leak or electrical issues, it could present a very real danger to your life.

Electrical problems can lead to fires, which can place you and your home at risk. These are most often noticed by the smell of the wires getting hot or the rubber insulation melting. The risks presented by fuel leaks are self-evident. Thankfully, we rarely see these occurring in units with modern safety features built into them.

However, the Charlotte area still has many older oil and gas heating systems that are increasingly at risk as they age, and even in modern units, anything electromechanical can fail.

Of course, the most common risks are simply from the weather itself. Frozen pipes can take what began as a minor heating issue and turn it into a total disaster requiring much more than just a furnace repair.

Even if the temperatures don’t fall below freezing, Hypothermia is a risk that should not be underestimated. It can affect people in temperatures as warm as 50 degrees Fahrenheit. We offer same-day heater repair services. Call us today to fix your HVAC system.

How To Avoid Emergency Heating Repairs in Charlotte

The best emergency heating service to deal with is the one you never need. Sadly, the majority of major failures we see were preventable. A small heating repair developed that would have been a simple fix, but it was let go.

This places a strain on other parts as the original issue continued to get worse. Eventually, the failures compound on each other until there is a major breakdown.

In the majority of cases, these minor problems could have been detected very early if regular preventive maintenance had been performed on the unit. At Travis Crawford Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we offer a variety of programs to our Protection Club members.

This program includes twice-yearly tune-ups of your system to keep it running at maximum efficiency, so you save money every month on your heating cost, and it helps you avoid the risk of a major failure.

A typical visit by one of our Charlotte emergency heater technicians would include:

  • Check safety switches for functionality
  • Carbon monoxide and gas leak testing
  • Measure supply & return temperature levels for adequate temperature rise in heating mode
  • Clear cabinets of any debris
  • Perform combustion analysis on heat exchangers & high-efficiency furnaces
  • Internal component evaluation

Why Travis Crawford Heating, Cooling & Plumbing in Charlotte

When you are in need of heating repair services in Charlotte, you will be hard-pressed to find a company more dedicated to caring for your needs than Travis Crawford Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. With us, you can count on being treated fairly and with complete transparency.

Our heating technicians are fully licensed, certified, and insured. Beyond that, they must live up to our personal standards of integrity. All day, every day, no exceptions.

Call Travis Crawford Heating, Cooling & Plumbing for all your Heating repair needs. Emergency 24/7 heater repair is available.