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Who is Travis Crawford

Hi, I'm

Travis Crawford

and I believe you should be able to get to know me before I get to know you.  There is this funny term floating around the world today called transparency.  Look up transparency in the dictionary and basically it means “easily seen through”.  And I guess that is what I am trying to be.  But I would rather think of it as being open and honest.  I believe that if I share with you how I manage my business.  How I treat my people.  What is I feel is important.  I do these things and I believe you will come to know us for who we are.

Each of these radio ads share stories and thoughts about my business and people.  How I believe we should act and what we should reward.  Challenges I have faced and decisions that I have made.  I think all of these things impact culture.  That is a fancy ivy league way of saying “how people behave when the boss is not around.”

My name is Travis Crawford and I believe that that makes a difference.
Listen to radio ads below:

1. “Travis Crawford fired his Best Friend”
2. “Travis Crawford Never Critizes”
3. “Travis Crawford Team Building”
4. “Travis Crawford Empathy”
5. “Travis Crawford Strategic Marketing”
6. “Travis Crawford Name Reveal”
7. “Travis Crawford How We Started”
8. “Travis Crawford It’s a People Business”
9. “Travis Crawford We Don’t Deserve Your Loytalty”
10. “Travis Crawford Contradiction”
11. “Travis Crawford Left Something”
12. “Travis Crawford Name On Work”
13. “Travis Crawford Not That Big A Risk”
14. Travis Crawford Signature
15. Travis Crawford Air Filters (Certified Seal)
16. Travis Crawford Little Gets Big