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Who is Travis Crawford

Hi, I’m Travis Crawford.

Yeah, the actual Travis Crawford. Real guy…

I think you should be able to get to know me before I get to know you. In the business world, their trendy new term is “transparency.” In the dictionary that word means “easy to see through,” but most of the time they mean “they’re happy to show you they have nothing to hide.

I like the idea of being open and honest. I figure that if I’m honest about how I run my business, how I treat my people, what I think is important…people will come to know us for who we really are.

When we started advertising on the radio, I wanted my ads to be about real stuff, not ad stuff.

I wanted to share stories, and thoughts about my business and our people. How I believe we should act, and how we should behave as a team. Challenges I’ve faced, and decisions that I’ve made. I think all of these things affect our culture – another trendy business word for “how people behave when the boss isn’t around.”

Honesty can be tough for some people, but it means a lot to the customers we work for.

My name is Travis Crawford and I think that makes a difference.

What clients say

“Service tech prompt. Identified problem quickly. Apparently a big stick slipped and fell in the fan. The goodbar was removed. Good. Kind.”

“Fantastic company! Customer service is top notch. Don’t use any other company for your heating and cooling needs”

“I’m actually a competitor of TC but I know them well. They good people with a great owner, great employees, and an all around great company.”

“My HVAC system went down last week and it was 95 degrees out, and I have 2 young children at home. I called Travis Crawford HVAC and they sent a technician out to resolve the issue. Excellent customer service and great work. Travis Crawford himself came to service the house which I thought was pretty cool.” Best HVAC Professionals in Concord
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