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Hi, my name is Travis Crawford, and you should be able to get to know me before I get to know you.  You know how some things are just meant to be.  I feel that way about this business.  When I was 16 years old I had a 1988 Chevy Blazer.  It was an awesome vehicle until one day, the brakes started to screech.  As a young man, I did not have the money to pay a mechanic to fix it.  I also did not know how to change the brakes myself.  I was in luck.  My girlfriend’s dad (at the time) dragged me off to NAPA auto parts, got the brakes, and showed me how to fix the car.  It was satisfying.  Then he looked at me and said, “Now you owe me a favor”.  The next day, I helped him with replacing an air conditioning unit.  I worked for him and several other jobs for the next few years.

But getting into Home Services was not a straight path.  My dad worked in corporate America, so naturally, he wanted me to do something similar.  I went and got a job working for First Union Bank in the call center. That lasted about 3 weeks.  

When I was around 20 years old, I had the opportunity to join a small HVAC company as a selling technician.  Turns out I was good at it.   Later I joined Environmental Services of Charlotte  to help them start their residential division.  I worked there for 5 years and to this day I consider David Bowles (The owner) as one of mentors.  I learned a lot from David and we are still in touch to this day.

While Carl (The girlfriend’s Dad) was the best technician I ever worked with, David was the best businessperson.  I learned that you pay your bills early, do not overextend, own whenever you can, and control growth.  Growth is great, but it needs to be managed.But I had one more big lesson to learn.  And that happened when I hired Joey Cress.

When I started Travis Crawford Heating Cooling and Plumbing, one of my first full-time employees was Joey.  Joey was working for Coca-Cola at the time and helped me during his off time with odd HVAC jobs.  He eventually left Coke and joined full-time.  Then things slowed down.  There was one point where I was down to my last $253.  That is all the money I had in the world.   And Joey had left a good job to join me.  I just knew I had to figure this out, not just for me, but for Joey.  Then a warm spell hit in February, and things took off. We have been growing ever since.  

But that day stuck with me.  That day I felt the responsibility of being an owner.  I learned that I needed to be better because people and their families were going to be relying on me.  I had to learn how to build the right team, make sure we take care of our customers, but also manage the business.  A lot of people rely on me, and I take it seriously.

Over the years, I have learned a lot.  

Each of these radio ads shares stories and thoughts about my business and people.  How I believe we should act and what we should reward.  I have faced challenges and made decisions.

My name is Travis Crawford and I believe that that makes a difference.
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