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Autumn Indoor Air Quality Issues

Indoor air quality can be an issue any time of the year, but it can worsen during the fall season. It’s important that you keep an eye out for air quality issues in your home. When your air quality is low, it can cause issues with breathing, built-up dust, and allergy difficulties.

High Humidity Levels

Some people may feel that during the fall months the humidity drops, but that’s not the case. In some areas, autumn days will have humidity levels that are right at 100%. While you might not mind a humid day, when you have excessive humidity indoors, it can lead to respiratory issues and mold buildup.

There are several things that you can do to help minimize the humidity levels inside your home. When you shower or cook, you should turn the exhaust fan on. If you use a dryer to dry your clothes, consider installing a clothesline outdoors. If the day is warm enough, you can run your air conditioner to help remove the humidity from your home. However, if it’s too cool, you can get a dehumidifier.

A dehumidifier will work to remove the moisture from your home. You can get individual humidifiers that you can place in each room, or you can opt to purchase a whole-house dehumidifier.

Airborne Contaminants

Your HVAC system is a powerful ally that helps to keep the quality of your home’s air healthy. The filter helps to remove pollutants, pollen, and other large particles from the air. However, the filter you purchase makes a big difference. If you purchase a cheap filter, it may not get all the pollutants out of the air.

During the fall months, there are still allergens floating around, especially that of ragweed. If you have a ragweed allergy and it gets in your house, you will suffer from the symptoms. Purchasing a quality air filter will help to ensure that you trap these allergens before they pollute your air.

In addition to having a top-quality filter, you will want to make sure that you change the filter out every two to three months. If you have pets or you smoke, you should replace your filter more frequently. A great idea is to get a washable filter that you can take off and clean when needed.

If you want to help ensure that the air quality in your home is great, consider installing an air purification system. This system will link with your HVAC system and clean the air. These systems have a UV light that will kill mold spores, pollen, and other bacteria.

Fluctuating Temperatures

In the fall, you may deal with cool mornings, and by afternoon it may be hot. You may switch from heating your home to cooling your home, all in one day. This can be hard on your HVAC system, causing it to have poor performance, thus leading to bad air quality.

The best way to help prevent this is by installing a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat will allow you to program temperatures that occur throughout the day. A smart thermostat can connect to your Wi-Fi and get local weather forecasts. It can then adjust the temperature accordingly. Most models can switch back and forth between heating and cooling and cause no issues with your HVAC system. This will help to keep your air quality perfect.

Bad Air Circulation

Bad air circulation can cause your air quality to be poor. There are several causes, including issues with your ductwork and having an improperly sized HVAC system. When you have bad air circulation, this can allow allergens to settle and build in areas of your home. Autumn is a perfect time for dust mites. To help improve your system, you will want to consult with air conditioning technicians. They can inspect the system to see if anything is wrong. If everything is good, they may suggest that you get a whole-home ventilation system that will work with your HVAC unit to push out the bad air and draw in fresh air. These are increasing in popularity, especially with people who have allergies and asthma.

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