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How To Reset Your Air Conditioning Unit

If you experience some issues with your air conditioner, the first thing you should do is reset your AC before contacting your technician. In most cases, a malfunctioning thermostat can cause ineffective cooling, so you may need to inspect it regularly to avoid AC unit breakdown during the summertime.

Additionally, power outages or power surges could lead to a cooling system failure. Before calling in the big guys, try a system reset.

Find Your Reset Button

Nowadays, most modern air conditioning systems come with a reset button, which makes them relatively easy to reset. For easy finding, the reset button is usually red with a reset label. However, if you fail to locate the reset button, confirm if your air conditioning system has one by looking at the user manual.

Once you locate your AC unit’s reset button, long-press it, releasing it on the count of three. On release, your air conditioning system should restart if it has no other issues.

If your system fails to function on reset, be sure to check the power supply and repeat the above reset process. Your air conditioner should beep when it restarts.

Use the Shutoff Button

Another effective way of resetting your air conditioning system is by using the shutoff button. You can opt for this method if the reset button doesn’t do the trick.

Locate Your Shutoff Button

Most AC systems come with a shutdown button. To reset your unit using this button, simply locate the shutoff button and switch it off. While working on your air conditioning system, remember to switch off your system’s thermostat as a safety precaution.

Find Your Circuit Breaker

After shutting off your air conditioning unit, proceed to your circuit breaker. A circuit breaker is a crucial element of your air conditioner. The circuit breaker usually prevents your cooling system from any power damage as a result of sudden surges. Once the breakers are off, there will be no current flow to your AC unit.

Most circuit breakers are found in the breaker boxes. You need to find the one connected to your AC system and turn it off.

Then, allow your system about one minute before you turn on the circuit breakers. Remember to make sure everyone is alert as you turn the breakers on to avoid electrocution.

Power on Your AC Unit

After a count of one minute, the air conditioner should automatically reset. Turn the thermostat on, and adjust it to the desired temperature levels. Allow it some minutes to confirm if the AC system is functioning to satisfaction.

Manual Reset

An air conditioner manual reset is a recommended mode of resetting your AC unit if it does not have the reset button. Although this method takes time, it might help you reset your cooling system.

To start with, make sure that you disconnect your AC unit from the power supply. Usually, your AC unit connects to a 240-volt power supply. Locate the supply, and turn it off. By doing so, you will disconnect your AC system from the current. Be sure to unplug it to make sure that the system is completely off the grid.

Once you disconnect your air conditioning unit from the grid, allow it about 30 minutes before connecting it back. During this time, your AC unit will discharge all its charges. Additionally, the whole system will have enough time to reset. After at least 30 minutes, connect your AC system to the grid.

Turn on the 240-Volt Power Supply

Once you plug your air conditioner back to the grid, the next step will be allowing the current to flow by turning on the power supply. Remember to set your preferred temperature levels before switching the power on.

Hire a Professional

Are you having trouble resetting your air conditioner unit? If so, be sure to contact Travis Crawford Heating & Cooling in Charlotte, NC, to help you fix the issues. Our AC technicians will help you inspect your cooling system, from the tripping circuit breakers to the malfunctioning thermostat.

Repairing AC unit issues by yourself might sometimes be challenging. However, a well-trained technician offers you reliable services for your air conditioning unit. If you notice some exposed power supply cables, don’t risk your life. Contact an expert right away.

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