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How to Reset Your Furnace or Heat Pump

Winter months in Charlotte, NC, are very wet and cold. As such, you need an effective furnace to keep your Charlotte home warm this winter. Apart from maintaining optimal temperatures in your home, an effective furnace will lower humidity levels and improve air quality. What’s more, furnaces are safe and affordable.

Unfortunately, dirty filters and power shutdowns can interfere with your furnace’s performance. Incorrect thermostat settings and service disruptions can also affect performance. Fortunately, resetting your furnace can help fix the pilot light or filter issues. Discover how you can reset your furnace to prevent costly repairs or replacements.

Cut Off the Power Supply

Before starting any repairs or maintenance on your furnace, you should always cut the power. Your furnace uses heating elements to keep your Charlotte home warm during cold winter months. Attempting to fix it without switching off the power supply can cause a fire hazard and an electric shock. It’s also essential to note that gas furnaces also have electrical components that power the fan and motor.

Usually, the light switch is located on the exterior of your furnace. Look for it and flip the switch to turn off the fan and motor. If your furnace does not have a button, you should turn off the breaker instead. You can find it in your home’s fuse box. Flip all the switches off to cut the power supply. It’s advisable to wait more than five minutes to shut down all the electrical components.

Remove the Panel

If you are sure that the electrical components have shut down, you should remove the panel. Check the front side of the furnace to find the removable panel. All you have to do is take it out of the slot or pull it out. You can determine the front side of the furnace by looking for the manufacturer’s information.

Inspect the Furnace

After removing the panel, it’s time to inspect the furnace. Start by removing the air filters to see if they are dirty. Usually, air filters are located in a slot on the top, bottom, or side of the furnace. Once you find it, pull it out to check for dirt and debris. You can use a firm bristled brush and a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt particles if it is dirty.

If it’s disposable, you will have to purchase a new one. It is also essential to ensure that the oil tank is filled. Look for a metallic gauge on top of the tank to find the oil gauge. You can refill it on the access pipe using a funnel. Moreover, turn the heat up on the thermostat to kick on the furnace when you reset it. Remember to inspect the filter before closing the front panel.

Reboot Your Furnace

Start by turning on the breaker. Remember also to ensure that electricity to other rooms is on. From there, you should wait at least 10 seconds for everything to turn back on. If you have switched off the main breaker, flip it back on. After that, you should switch on the furnace and wait at least 30 seconds for it to power up. Listen to the fan and motor to know if your furnace is back on. Please remember that older furnaces might take longer to start. If the furnace is not starting, you should check the thermostat to ensure correct settings.

You should then locate the pilot light to make sure it is on. Usually, you can find it on the bottom side of the furnace. If everything is okay, the pilot light should indicate a small flame. Press the pilot light button and wait at least 20 seconds if you don’t see a small flame. From there, you should light it up with a match or lighter. If your furnace has a diagnostic control unit, you should check the light to identify issues.

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Furnace Reset in Charlotte, NC
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